Guangxi Hengye Silk Group is located in Yizhou City, Guangxi, the hometown of Liu Sanjie. It is a national leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, which integrates fresh cocoon purchase, processing and sales, white factory silk, grey silk production and sales, and silk brand clothing production and sales. The Group has four holding subsidiaries, Hechi Hengye Silk Co., Ltd., Xincheng Hengye Silk Co., Ltd., Hechi Dongfang Silk Road Silk Co., Ltd. and Luzhai Classical Silk Weaving Co., Ltd. Gong..


In response to the "13th Five-Year Plan" development strategy of the National Cocoon and silk industry, the group company has integrated its holding companies'superior resources, constructed the industrial cluster of cocoon and silk deep processing, built the "aircraft carrier" of Guangxi silk, and further expanded and strengthened the enterprises. The group company will set up Yizhou Guanhua Silk Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. to invest 100 million yuan in the construction of Guanhua Silk Printing and Dyeing Project in Yizhou. At the same time...

  • Choose the cocoon of double palace silkworm

    Choose the cocoon of double palace silkworm

    Fine doupion silk cocoons

    Double palace cocoon silk refers to the cocoon formed by two silkworm babies together. The shape of the cocoon is larger than that of one silkworm. After cutting, you can see two silkworm pupae...

  • Choose the cocoon of double palace silkworm

    Choose the cocoon of double palace silkworm

    Fine doupion silk cocoons

    So the silk of such silkworm chrysalis is not like what a silkworm does so compactness, it cannot draw silk to do pure silk cloth, do silk however by best raw material...

Silk craft

Mulberry: silk is also called white factory silk, pure silk, raw silk. Animal protein fibers. It is composed of silk fibroin and sericin, including silk fibroin 72---81%, sericin 19 -- 28%, composed of 18 amino acids, is a natural green fiber.

Detection: Is the white thread for denier, strength, elongation, embrace, moisture rate, cleanliness, cleanliness and other items are in line with the quality requirements of the inspection.

Picky: is also known as the manual inspection, for each hinge on each color, flower, sundry, rough time, hard Yue Angle etc. Pick out the defect.


Silk Crafts Show

Brocade craft is to point to the silk handicraft that has decorative pattern or calligraphy and painting to weave. According to textual research...


  • Reveal the whole process of white filament production

    Reveal the whole pro

    White silk production process raw silk production refers to the whole process from cocoon production to raw silk packaging and warehousing. And its te
  • Description of grade standard and process production system of white filament

    Description of grade

    There are four grades of white filaments: first class, first class, qualified and processed. This grade is divided according to indexes such as fiber
  • Winter silk quilt maintenance method

    Winter silk quilt ma

    Do not wash and do not expose to the sunSilk is composed of more than 97% animal protein, which is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human
  • Mulberry silk white factory silk raw silk and cooked silk

    Mulberry silk white

    Silk of mulberry silkworm is the difference between raw silk and cooked silk. Commonly known as silk, machine reeled also called factory silk, hand re
  • Washing and maintenance of mulberry silk

    Washing and maintena

    What are the characteristics of mulberry silk fabrics? The catharsis that mulberry silkworm silk maintains a method, arrived summer, a lot of friends
  • Advantages of silk quilt

    Advantages of silk q

    Silkworm silk is the continuous long fiber produced by the secretion of silk fluid coagulation during the cocoon formation of mature silkworms. It is

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